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      Hangzhou best extension detecting technology service co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in products export certification technology services company. Company is committed to the customs union CU - TR certification, Russian GOST - TR certification European CE certification, Indonesia SNI, Thailand TISI certification, the BIS certification, SASO certification, certification of LOA, SAA, CE, CB, COC inspection in the Middle East and other countries certification services. In addition, in order to better service. Hangzhou extension set up safety and EMC laboratory, is committed to providing customers with safety, electromagnetic compatibility, chemical, performance test, environment test, such as a full range of technical services. Can provide a set of universal standards for products technical services, service scope covers makes certification consulting, technical support, preparation, repeat the test, expert guidance, and according to customer requirements to provide a series of annual follow-up service.
      Hangzhou best extension as a leading domestic product certification and testing services company, has been Russia, Ukraine and the authorization of the customs union certification bodies, solely to handle matters relating to domestic product certification, in addition, we also won the European notified body NB1105 and NB1282 authorized certification body, can work in the greater China CE certification, we have a good project team and rich experience in certification, and would be able to help enterprises to quickly get products export certification and accreditation documents you need.
      We hope that through the provision of the localization of high-quality international certification services, for the general enterprise certification barriers, improve product competitiveness, so as to help Chinese manufacturing to go global!